"Our Company Remonts Group LLC" is a universal company that has 10 years of experience in the repair and construction works, we give you high quality renovation service offering a complete service End – End. We include a full Interior Design service & project management to add value to your home & lifestyle & save you the hassle of the guess work & trying to deal with trades.

We include everything for you, all products, accessories and kitchen appliances, so you don’t need to buy a thing or lift a finger. We do it all for you in-house. We even organise packers, movers and accommodation for you while we renovate or better still, we can organise a holiday for you so you can go away and relax and when you come back, we will deliver you a new dream home ready for you to move into and enjoy a new lease on life. So whether you are selling, moving or simply updating your tired, dated home, we are the only Remonts-Group LLC renovations experts providing a complete service where you get to relax and leave it all to us. Specialising in a broad range of projects from Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry remodelling, Interior Makeovers, whole Home Renovations, Exterior revamps & Landscaping. At The Renovation Company, we provide a variety of services to cater to your unique needs. We offer superior interior designer services centring on functionality, practicality, and energy-efficiency, allowing you to increase the overall value of your property, enhance its style, and reduce your costs in the long run. You can rely on our talented and experienced interior designers in Remonts-Group LLC to assist you in every stage of the project and make sure we cover all of your requirements. We take pride in our ability to deliver fast and quality home renovations and improvements. Be it an ordinary house or a luxury home, we have the expertise and resources to finish jobs in a matter of 6 to 8 weeks. Each of our experts exhibits a high level of dedication,workmanship, and professionalism to make the entire process a trouble-free experience for you.

How We Work!!!

  • Renovation  &  Construction

    Our  Proposal :

  • -The architectural project
  • - preparation of documentation & approval & adjustment.
  • -Design - projects and design choices.
  • -Construction work - their own homes, villas, office space,
  • -Multi-storey residential building and lining and repair.
  • -Indoor and outdoor repair and restoration work.
  • -Remont- plumbing ellektro-work, maintenance of heating systems.
  • -Repair - flooring, laminate, plasterboard
  • -Air-conditioning systems, installation of water heaters
  • -Insulation and Waterproofing
  • -Elements of interior and exterior
  • -, plaster, paint, tiles and floor tiles.
  • -Construction works -Consultation (free).
  • -Glass facades - the choice of the glass facade design & installation ...
  • -The project - a preview of the selection of styles & designs ...
  • -Home Repair - repair and maintenance and repair under the Sale ...
  • -Construction works are carried out on the basis of a contract and the timing.
  • -"Remonts Group LTD"
  • - a company whose priority is the quality and profesionalism !!


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inovation === >> original stile of works using new teqnologies: drawing the visual effect (picture,decoration )on the wallpeper ,french ceiling (Barisol)) and painting ,drawing on the Glass. without changing the texture of original material