Answers & Questions

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Answers & Quaestions

What  to  start  with  ?

First you need to determine the types of upcoming works and their volumes. Then give us a call and you will leave absolutely FREE wizard after that our worker who will take all the necessary dimensions of the flat,appartment etc. and then we will prepare the budgeting together with the list of works and necessary materials.

How  long  it  take  to  make  the  renovation  ?

Question is an individual. More precisely, it can be answered after we define what works volume have to be done in you appartment . Typically, the duration of complex repair work in 2, 3-room apartment not last more than two months. - in compliance with all standards and technologies (with plaster or poor drying time increased up to 2 weeks).

Waht  will  be  the  price  of  Renovation ?

Approximate cost we can provide after the consultation with you (depending on the category of repair -. economy, average, etc.) The exact price can be calculated only after the defining all the dimensions made by our master and knowing all the materials that will be included in your appartment by your choice.

What  is  the  period  of  experience  of  your  company  in  that  area??

Our Company operates from 2007 year and all the masters have minimum 5 yeas of experience in renovation!

Do  you  make  design  of  flat  ,comercial  appartment .etc?

Yes, we also provide services for interior design and we are well known company with the building material.etc shops where we have eksclusive prices and we will offer you discounts on materials (laminate, ceramic tile, etc.). For more details we are kindly invite you to our office !

Who  makes  the  purchase  of  materials ?

Black materials we purchase ourselfs (cement,sand etc. , and provide receipts to the customer. The laminate ,ceramic etc., as a rule, the customer purchases himself. But also we can do it for you and as we mention above we can purchase cheeper as we are parners of many shops,factories etc. Also, in our office, you can choose the items you are interested in: laminate, linoleum, doors, handles, wallpaper, furniture and so on ..

What  is  the  warranty  period  ?

The warranty period is 2 years it applies to all work carried out by us. Warranty on materials corresponds to the manufacturer's warranty of these materials. We are not interested after some time to make repeated repair of your flat, so we carefully select suppliers of building materials.

Whill  the  price  of  contract  change  during  the  process  of  renovation ?

The contract contains a fixed value of our work and price of materials and the project price will not be considered for changing unless you change it yourself and after that we reconsider the pricing for new work and materials !

What  is  the  budgeting  and  what  is  it  for  ?

The budgeting is made after the defining all measurements of our master ,the budgeting includes the calculation of all the repair work costs (the cost of materials, cost of works, transport costs, etc). Making all the dimensions and budgeting of the flat,comercial appartment is - free for Batumi Area !

What  is  the  Scedule  of  payment ?

The budget we provide we divide in for parts:
30%- Payment  in  advance  , for  all  the  black materials
25% - After  finishing  (construction,concrete ,plastering etc.
25% - After  finishing  (plumbing ,electric works, etc( ready for painting).
15% - Painting  works  floore  works etc.
5% - Our  commision  fee  after  all  works 

What should i do with the renovation rubbish ?

After all works we get rid of all the rubish, clean you appartment, flat etc and give the keys to the owner !!!


inovation === >> original stile of works using new teqnologies: drawing the visual effect (picture,decoration )on the wallpeper ,french ceiling (Barisol)) and painting ,drawing on the Glass. without changing the texture of original material